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Post recovery is a very important part of the repossession business.  By having modern rollbacks at each location we are able to transport vehicles within a clients required time."
                                                                                         -Stefanie Moul
Safe and Reliable Statewide Transportation Services
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Once we recover a vehicle, we can safely transport them to any location requested.  We can typically have the unit taken within 24-48 hours of recovery if necessary.  Our transporters are licensed by TDLR and insured on our towing and repossession policy.  During the transportation our drivers use Cleardata during the entire process.  This means no loose paperwork or potential CFPB violations.  Everything is ran through an iPad with E-signatures.  Our transportation division operates and has delivered vehicles in the entire state of Texas.  Contact our office today if you would like more information about this service.  We believe we can drastically reduce the time from repossession to remarketing with our services.      

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