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Vehicle Storage Facility

We have invested a great deal on safety, security and compliance.  We have also gained considedrable knowledge on what it takes to keep our clients collateral safe.  Our goal was to build a facillity that made the redemption process both safe for our employees and pleasant for our customers.  When it was completed we knew we had done just that..." "  
                                                                                        -Stefanie Moul
  1. Knowledgeable Staff
    Knowledgeable Staff
    Every employee with our company goes through training to ensure when they speak to a client or debtor it is quick and professional.
  2. Security and Surveillance
    Security and Surveillance
    Each of our locations has no less than 15 high resolution security cameras with remote cloud storage. Our systems are also view remotely by officers of the company 24/7.
  3. Storage Space
    Storage Space
    For our clients long term storage is never an issue. We have room for over 200 vehicles at each of our locations. 6 foot high fencing with 3 rows of barbed wire is just the beginning of our amazing facility.
  4. Compliance
    Our lots are inspected no less than 4 times a year and have never had any required improvements needed. We built them to suite to the exact requirements to follow the CFPB and NCCI rules to ensure we are always in compliance.