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Our goal was to build an honest team that
     our clients can trust.  We feel we have reached
          that goal and we work everyday to maintain it. 
At Collateral Recovery Team our primary objective is to protect our clients from burdensome claims and to stay in compliance with all laws and regulations.  We follow the CFPB guidelines in everything we do. 
We do this all while boasting some of the highest recovery rates in the industry.
  1. License Plate Recognition
    License Plate Recognition
    Our company partnered with the highest quality License Plate Recognition (LPR) provider in the country. Focused on compliance and results MVtrac has become the leader in LPR technology in North America.
  2. Workflow Managment
    Workflow Managment
    Clearplan has made our company more efficient. This software has increase our recovery rate and reduced the time it take for vehicles to be located and secured. We could not work without this amazing software.
  3. Certified Recovery Agents
    Certified Recovery Agents
    Our C.A.R.S. Certified repossession agents and office staff create a knowledgeable and reliable staff for our lenders. Everyone is trained to follow CFPB guidelines on an annual basis.
  4. Post Recovery Management
    Post Recovery Management
    Our team uses Cleardata for all post recovery processes. This has dramatically decreased the time it takes to get things pictures and condition reports completed and uploaded for the client. We also use Cleardata for all appointments including property release, vehicles releases and transports.
  5. Compliance & Risk Mitigation
    Compliance & Risk Mitigation
    We use RISC for our compliance needs. They are a great recovery industry service company. They provide lot inspections and well as training certifications. Their vetting is second to no one.
  6. On-Board Video and Audio
    On-Board Video and Audio
    Safety Vision is installed on all company vehicles and records 360 degrees around the vehicle. We store the footage for months to ensure false claims are handled quickly.
  7. Vehicle Fleet Tracking
    Vehicle Fleet Tracking
    NexTraq is more than just a provider of vehicle and asset tracking solutions. We’re a valued GPS fleet, ELD compliance and mobile workforce management partner to our customers—helping them succeed with every vehicle, every mobile asset, and every employee—every day
  8. Account Management
    Account Management
    RDN is a specialized provider of software and data solutions related to the recovery of assets for the automotive finance industry.
  9. Vendor Transparency Solution
    Vendor Transparency Solution
    Vendor Transparency Solutions, LLC (VTS) is the industry leading compliance management system (CMS) tailored to the automotive lending community. Today’s regulatory environment requires proper screening of current and potential suppliers that provide financial products and/or services to financial institutions. VTS is the lender driven platform that assures you are contracting with the most compliant service providers.















Collateral Recovery Team LLC is one of the largest LPR data collectors in the State of Texas.  We have a large fleet of new tow trucks and camera cars, as well as one of the most experienced recovery teams in the United States.  Clients love working with our friendly and experienced staff.  Our agents and office staff receive extensive training using CFPB guidelines.  We strive to maintain a 100% compliance rating at all times.  


     Collateral Recovery Team LLC is a professional and highly experienced repossession company servicing the Houston, Austin and San Antonio markets.  We only hire the most experienced and professional recovery agents available.  We have many agents with 20+ years' experience in the repossession and towing industry.  Our repossession agents number one priority is to ensure they mitigate any losses or claims for our clients.  All of our agents follow the guidelines set forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  Collateral Recovery Team boast a combine 250 years' experience in the towing and repossession business.   As a client you can rest assured that your collateral will be treated with the utmost care and your customer will be treated fair and respectful.  
     We also pride ourselves in using the latest technology in our industry.  We use every online portal available to accept and manage repossession orders.  We also have one of the largest LPR scanning operations in the State of Texas. We scan nearly 300,000 license plates per day with the use of 26 MVtrac License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems.  This creates a tremendous advantage when vehicles are not where they are supposed to be. We have historical scans on nearly 70% of the cases we receive.  
  If you are looking for a reliable and stable partner in this volatile industry contact us today.  See why we have earned a reputation as one of the most successful repossession companies in the great State of Texas. 

  Safety Vision is on the leading edge of mobile video innovation.  Their mobile solutions provide visual enhancements to make our drivers everyday life on the job easier and more efficient.  We record 24/7 365 and store the data up to 1 year.  
  Clients are protected from false claims because we store all video footage for at least 1 year.  We are also able to provide instant video feedback during a repossession if necessary.  The in-cab monitor allows easy evidence gathering for law enforcement.  False claims are impossible with the 360° recording and long-term storage.
  Click on the pictures below and watch the video to see the amazing features of this industry leading service.
  1. Observer™ 4112 HVR
    Observer™ 4112 HVR
    Hybrid Video Recorder 12 Cameras Supported 2 TB HDD or SSD Max Storage 1080p Max Resolution
  2. Interior HD Camera
    Interior HD Camera
    Interior HD Camera Audio Supported 6 Infrared Illuminators 720p Resolution
  3. Exterior HD Camera
    Exterior HD Camera
    Exterior HD Camera Audio Supported 9 Infrared Illuminators 720p Resolution
  4. In-Cab Monitor
    In-Cab Monitor
    7-Inch Display For Observer HVR Series Touch Screen 800x480 Resolution
  5. HD Birds Eye View
    HD Birds Eye View
    HD Bird’s Eye View Camera System IP69K Rated Housing 1080p Resolution 200° Field of View
  6. Video Management Software
    Video Management Software
    Video Management Software For Observer Series Recorders Wireless Video Downloading Live Look-In & Fleet Tracking




EXPIRES May 11th, 2020

EXPIRES May 11th, 2020

EXPIRES December 4th, 2019

Collateral Recovery Team LLC is insured by an A+ rated carrier and always has been.  We have $1,000,000 in General liability coverage, $450,000 Garage Keepers coverage, and $100,000 on-hook coverage.  We are insured for wrongful repo, hired autos, scheduled autos, non-owned autos and drive away.  Needless to say we got you covered. 
  Collateral Recovery Team is fully licensed through our state regulator, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. (TDLR) Every tow truck is registered with the state as well as every single repossession agent.  This ensures proper background checks and drug screenings are implemented.   

Collateral Recovery Team has a 1-million-dollar Dishonesty Bond through our insurance carrier.  We screen all employees and perform background checks to limit the exposure of having dishonest employees.  We are proud to have never had a claim against our bond.  Our team is honesty and professional. 

Has Your Vehicle Been Repossessed?​

Dont worry, we will do everything we can to make your experience with getting it back painless. 


    This type of service is provided when a vehicle owner contacts the bank or lien holders and decides they no longer want the collateral. The bank contacts the recovery agency and an appointment is made to pick up the unit and return it to the lien holder. This type of service is provided at a reduced cost.
    Our licensed and insured locksmiths can make a key for just about every vehicle on the road. Whether the key is domestic or import we have the tools and equipment needed to get the job done. So if you need a laser cut key, electronic key fob or the standard older style of key we are a one stop shop for your key needs.
    An involuntary repossession is the most common type of vehicle recovery. We company specializes in this service. This is where the bank and debtor have been unable to come to a solution and we are hired to recover the unit without making contact first. This type of service is handled with the utmost care and requires a professional.
    Many times in the repossession business vehicles go missing. Debtors move or vehicles get hidden. Our team has many years of experience in skip tracing and can assist in finding collateral that does not want to be found. Our skip team has found vehicles that had been missing for over 1500 days!
    Vehicle storage is a must in the repossession business. Quite often ignored by lenders. Our 1 acre facilities are purpose built for the repossession industry. This ensure complete and total safety for our employees, clients and customers. The collateral stored is behind a electronic secure gates as well as 22 security camera at each location.
    License Plate Recognition (LPR) is something our company specializes in. We are collecting well over 3 million plates per month per market and have much higher goals in the near future. We have lpr historical hits on 70% of the cases we receive. This gives us a clear advantage in finding collateral.